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Security Management

Security Management can often be a challenging puzzle to solve for many organizations, whether they are large or small in scale. With a multitude of active security solutions in place, it can become overwhelming to maintain full-scale visibility and accessibility within a single centralized platform. This fragmented approach can lead to the ineffective detection of suspicious activities and malware, potentially resulting in a security breach. To address this challenge, DigitalOkta will meticulously and thoughtfully navigate your Security Management needs by providing your business with a consolidated one-stop hub. This ensures that your IT security team maintains flexibility and control over all security controls, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or part of a hybrid model. We also integrate Microsoft Azure into your business, providing the added flexibility to synchronize with non-Microsoft security tools and other third-party cloud solutions.
Need for Service

Need for Service

  1. Obtain thorough and all-encompassing security management.
  2. Access Microsoft Azure, on-premises, and third-party cloud services.
  3. Seamlessly integrate with non-Microsoft security tools.
  4. Receive an actionable plan for enhancing your security posture.
  5. Get recommendations and implementation support to bolster security.
  6. Safeguard company, user, and customer data effectively.


  1. Manage user identities effectively.
  2. Enhance visibility and oversight.
  3. Perform IoT security assessments.
  4. Ensure accessibility across a range of devices.
  5. Enforce rigorous data security measures.
  6. Consolidate access management for on-site, cloud, and hybrid environments.
  7. Maintain complete control through a centralized security management hub.