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CWT-SML Case Study

Incorporated in 1997, CWT-SML Logistics, a Dubai-based company launched its first owned Distribution Centre in Jebel Ali Free Zone with the focus of facilitating our customers’ growth in the MENA region. CWT-SML Logistics provides the best of its kind warehouse infrastructure, supported by efficient Third-Party Logistics (3PL) solutions and the knowledge to fulfil our customer’s business needs in the region.

Backed by over 20 years of logistics track records CWT-SML Logistics can provide the technical expertise in logistics management to help our customers meet all logistics challenges in this region. Our nimbleness, tested logistics model and state-of-the-art information system enable us to respond quickly with feasible options to our customers’ supply chain challenges in the MENA region.

CWT-SML Logistics strives to exceed our customers’ expectation through listening and understanding their business needs, customizing, and managing each and every process to achieve the highest standards of service quality for our customers.

As a lead integrated logistics service provider, we work in partnership with our valued clients and partners to seek better ways of overcoming all their supply chain challenges and continually striving for service excellence through our People, our Solution and our professionalism in delivering our Services.

Over the last decade, with the advancement of cloud computing organizations gained the ability to reach out to and care for their customers in ways that were not possible before. CWT logistics was keen on leveraging these technologies to give the optimum experience to their employees and customers.

CWT-SML Logistics IT Systems were distributed and having localized IT. They have also been a target for malware attacks disrupting services. CWT Logistics needed an effective, centralized IT infrastructure that was flexible, adaptive, scalable, and secure. They evaluated the numerous offerings available in the market. Digital Okta, with its interest in customer objectives and understanding of the importance of a strong platform, proved azure to be the perfect fit. Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service was recommended as it offered managed infrastructure and services, while bringing in the desired agility. CWT Logistics concluded that owing to the high cost associated with maintaining the desired security, a public cloud would offer better protection than what can be managed on-premise. Then the migration journey to Microsoft Azure began with Digital Okta as their preferred Partner of Choice

In two months, with support from Digital Okta, CWT Logistics moved all their applications, ranging from Oracle Financials, application servers, Active Directory and File server, and more to Azure. Today, CWT-SML Logistics is on Microsoft Azure.

Post-implementation, IT started playing a leadership role in bringing business initiatives to life. Azure helped reduce the complexity and long lead times in testing and deploying new applications. There was a reduction of the total cost of ownership, due to the lower acquisition costs.