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Al Rawafed Holding Case Study

Al Rawafed Holding is a Local Strategic Investment Company primarily involved in agri-business activities, the holding company’s objective, to contribute meaningfully to sustainable agriculture. It has invested and continues to invest in the entire food supply chain, looking to become the leading organic and non-organic producer in the UAE.

Al Rawafed represents an essential component of the agriculture and agri-food community in various countries around the globe.

Our activities span from primary production to post-harvest and retail and are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities that fit our strategy.

The infrastructure was hosted with a locally managed service provider. All the applications the company had for its sales teams to access these data-driven insights were built on different architectures. With so much effort directed toward keeping the system running, the team had less time to work on innovations that would bring the company’s customers increased business value. With rising colocation costs, something had to change.

Digital Okta, with its interest in customer objectives and understanding of the importance of a robust platform, proved azure to be the perfect fit. Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service was recommended as it offered managed infrastructure and services while bringing in the desired agility and pay per use model. Al Rawafed concluded that owing to the high cost associated with maintaining the desired security, and a public cloud would offer better protection than what can be kept at a local service provider. Then the migration journey to Microsoft Azure began with Digital Okta as their preferred Partner of Choice

In three months, with support from Digital Okta, Al Rawafed migrated all their applications, ranging from Mawasim ecommerce platform, Oracle JD Edwards, application servers, Active Directory and File server, and more to Azure. Today, Al Rawafed are on Microsoft Azure.

Post-implementation, IT started playing a leadership role in bringing business initiatives to life. Azure helped reduce the complexity and long lead times in testing and deploying new applications. There was a reduction of the total cost of ownership, due to the lower acquisition costs, and significantly lower service outages.