Digital Okta

About Us

About Us

At DIGITAL OKTA, we approach Cloud differently! It is our belief that technology should play a secondary role to solving your business needs. And we have done it ourselves by transforming our own mind-set & processes from legacy to modern software-driven environments. Unlike our competition, we are deeply ingrained into the region’s technology fabric with local expertise, experience & knowledge of the local cultural & business climate.


We embrace cloud-led technologies to offer our partners and clients value and help them achieve prodigious leaps using hybrid solutions.


We break down barriers between software and data to promote seamless business engagements across the cloud.

What We Do

The cloud offers businesses unlimited opportunities to manage their data and resources. At Digital Okta, we leverage the best innovations in the cloud to help companies get ahead.

The facilitated cloud integration solutions we provide are secure and combine advanced capabilities with technological ease, offering exceptional value to increase business efficiency.

Our team of highly qualified experts deploy strategic systems and use tools to optimize a business’ technology estates and unlock their potential.

We help companies leverage Cloud, Mobility, AI, IoET and Big Data to serve their customers better and transform their businesses.

Digital Okta partners with its customers in their business IT transformation journey by providing state-of-the-art solutions that optimize their architecture in return for an affordable pay as you go service.